Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Zombies in the family

This is an actual email conversation that was had between myself and my brother a few days ago. It all started when my wife mentioned to him on the phone that the first words to The Big Bang Theory that night were something about Zombies.

And thus it begins:

“If zombies don’t eat do they starve to death….?”
Big bang theory

According to 28 weeks later they do.

If a zombie bites a vampire, then what?
If a vampire bites a zombie, then what?

1. The vampire will turn into a zombie. The living turn to the dead.
2. The vampire will starve to death. Zombies have no blood.

1 But a vampire is the dead, the living dead?

I do believe a vampire is the UNdead. Regardless, a zombie can not be turned into a vampire as they are dead. But a vampire can turn into a zombie since the vampire is UNdead and living.


What about a werewolf, if he bites a zombie will it become hairy?
Can a zombie turn a werewolf into a were zombie?

Zombies only are ever documented attacking humans, since a were wolf in wolf form would not longer be a human, they'd ignore him.

The better question: if a zombie bites a were wolf in human form, on the next full moon --- what does the new werewolf look like?

What about a mummy.?
Would it become a zombie if it is already dead?

Mummy's taste gross, like dried feet. No one would ever bite them.

A mummy is essentially a zombie without the need for brains. Look at how it walks, its a really old zombie. One could say its the first zombie.

All of this started out because I got my brother hooked on the television show The Walking Dead. Since he finished the first season, he read all 81 comics, then read all 7 volumes of the Marvel Zombie series and has cursed me out ever since. I smile everytime he mentions it.
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