Monday, June 8, 2009

"The Box"

The following is a work of fiction and should not be taken seriously in any manner:

The day was the 23rd of October, and I will remember it forever. It is the day that my world was flipped upside down. What makes this day so special?

This was the day that I found the dirt covered box in our backyard.

There was nothing special about this box from the first time that I saw it. It was unremarkable in every manner.

Taking the dog for a walk in the woods one day after work, I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. As soon as I turned to face the object the dog could sense what I had found and began to whimper at the sight of my discovery.
Poking up out of the ground was a piece of metal with a small silver nail. I bent down to investigate closer, a cool breeze blew across my shoulder to reveal more of the box.

I grabbed a stick that lay on the ground near my right foot.

Was that there a few minutes ago? I ask myself.

I used the stick to chisel out the sides of the box so that I might be able to pull it out further.

A simple square wooden box, held shut with a small twig.

The twig holding it shut was something you would have found on the ground in the woods after being discarded by teenager once the leaves and small branches had been taken off. There was a small bump on either side of the lock mechanism which is why it was still closed after all these years.

I debated bringing the box in the house with me, but figured that it must belong to someone.

I left it where it was, off to the right side of the path still mostly buried in the dirt.  Hoping that by uncovering it more someone would see it and remember that it was there.

After arriving home I packed the dog in the car to take a quick drive into town to pick up a few groceries, before sitting down to do some extra work this evening.
When I arrived home I noticed something different, the dog did not want to leave the car. Normally, he's trying to get out the door before I've actually opened it.

Today he sits on the passenger seat and just looks at me.  Whimpering a little.

I follow his glance and notice that there is something blocking the steps leading into the house.

Initially I am unable to distinguish what I am looking at. Slowly, my eyes begin to focus on the object and I notice what is sitting on the steps.

Its the wooden box that I uncovered in the woods.

There is something about the box this time, it looks a little different almost hollow.

I slowly begin to exit the car and tell the dog to stay. I look back into the car one last time and notice the dog has hidden himself under the seat.

I begin to edge closer to the house, taking one step at at time to make sure that I keep my distance.

As I near the house I see what is different about the box. Its been opened.

The lid of the box is laying completely open and flat against the stairs behind it.

I look around the area to see if I can see any foot prints or markings of the person who might have moved it there.
It was shortly after this that I noticed that the twig holding the box shut is in two pieces as if it was opened from the inside.
I began to wonder what could have opened the box from the inside when I heard the grass rustling from behind me.

As I turn to see what is behind me, I can hear the dog barking from inside the car trying to get my attention.

I being to turn around to see what was behind me when the world went black.

There were a few fragmented sounds that I can remember hearing before everything just stopped. I remember a low humming noise that seemed to come from every direction all at once, and a tearing sound which may have been from my leg.

... from the great beyond

Without sounding too much like Britney Spears, I am back.

In a self-diluted kind of way. Don't ask me what I'm talking about because I am not really too sure either.

Shit has been crazy around these parts in the million years since I have last written anything.  But I have decided to keep this blog more anonymous than it was before keeping everything a little more abstract than I'm used to. Posts may require a few re-writes before they're approved.

(That sounded a little pretentious. And I apologize.)

I have always enjoyed writing, and speaking my mind. But I have found that keeping a running interest in something online is a little more than I can muster for my attention span (as little as it is).
I will attempt to bring this back to what it was intended to be. A creative forum for stories and ideas.
With that I give you my next entry...