Thursday, April 18, 2013

Email Submission

I'm back behind the keyboard at work looking at the massive amount of tickets that I have open on the webpage in front of me when I just decided that I need to write again.

 I don't know if this is going to be the place where I continue to write, or if I'll go somewhere else, but for now all of my thoughts are going to be concentrated right here, in this tiny entry. 

Something you may notice, if you read this, and if you care to write a comment is that Google has now integrated commenting from Google+ into their blog posts. As someone who actively uses this service over twitter and Facebook this is fantastic news. 

In the mean time what's been happening over the past number of months:
* kid has grown up, she walking, talking and running my life. Just like any little girl should.
* house ownership has proven to be fun
* work is still progressing, survived a round of lay offs.
* don't take pictures nearly as often as I should, though I did participate in a PhotoWalk here in town.
* Elmo and sesame street has replaced Looney Tunes. I guess that happens when kids find something they like instead of something you *wish* they would like.