Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Forever and six days...

Music: Tricky - Crazy Claws

Its been ages since I've last said anything of importance here, my last post really doesn't count since I only said that I had a flippin' Wii. I think that due to time contraints (meaning I can't spend too much time on my laptop or my desktop at work will get cranky), I'll do this up in a good old fashioned bulleted list.

  • Up here we have a show called The Hour thats hosted by George S (I say S because his name is Stroumboulopoulos), he was talking to Gene Simmons about a band he signed from Canada thats just awesome [paraphrasing Gene], and I checked them out. I must agree with him on this, I'm generally not a fan of hip-hop, but this is great. Down With Webster
  • I've been working my butt off on a project that I've been doing for my brother-in-law. With the length of time that its taken me to get this far, I might be able to complete it by late Spring.
  • A new good-friend at work, or are they a good new friend, regardless - they're a new friend of ours who are getting married sometime in 2009, morethan likely the fall who invited us to go with them to the Carribbean after they get married.
  • Which means that I need to loose some weight between now and then, its -18 C out today which means no jogging, what can I do instead? I'm too cheap to join a gym.
  • I'm going to be taking all of the money that I get for working on stuff for my brother in law and putting it towards this trip, both of us would really love to have the chance to go again.
  • We've been talking about going on a cruise or something in the winter, but this is better because its with friends.
  • I've been dragged back into working on the project that sent me to Asia in the Spring/Summer. I don't mind the project, the work or the clients - the main problem, which seems to be getting worse is the project manager who seems to enjoy working 16 horus a day without requesting assistance or when forced to accept help still refuses to have the time to sit with someone to show them what they need.
  • I'm just happy I won't be dealing with the project by the end of the week.
  • I've been going through some of the photos that I've taken in the past year and have been organizing them to upload to Flickr. Next to be added, pictures from Mexico.
  • Mario Kart Wii with the wheel is a little hard on the joints, especially just holding it there waiting for something to happen or start the race.
  • The puppy has been growing leaps and bounds, he's still smaller than our cats (and I don't think he'll actually get bigger then them anyways.)
  • There have been lots of geeky things going on in the house lately: I've setup our extra laptop to act as a little media center and a "pseudo-PVR", and something else that I've forgotten.
  • We had our first real snow of the year two days ago, and the snow is still on the ground, guess this means that winter has officially started. Joy.
  • I took the camera out in the snow while we had the dog out playing. It looked as though he was wearing a sweater.
  • My wife is going in for day surgery tomorrow to get her Tonsils taken out. She's been having issues with swollen throats several times a year for the past 4 years and finally managed to convince a Dr to take them out.
  • She's starting to get nervous.
  • I think she'll do fine.

I guess that ends the update for the next month or something, though I sometimes get the urge to write and end up filling this up in a week or so.