Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What's wrong with the world?

Music: XP8 - Angel and the Beast

There have been a few tragic and saddened news articles floating around lateley that have really gotten to me. You know the ones where people die before its their time, or innocent by-standers that happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time while some hoodlum tries to seek "revenge" by being stupid. 

The stories themselves make me sad for the simple fact that I can't imagine what I would do if that happened to me or someone that I really cared about. I wouldn't know what to do with myself, or how to handle that situation.

Then there was this story, http://www.cbc.ca/canada/new-brunswick/story/2009/02/16/nb-oromocto-accident.html#articlecomments, an off-duty police office and his two children, both under the age of 5 die in an accident because of the weather conditions. Completely tragic.

At the bottom of the article, the site allows any one who has registered to post comments about the story. And in this case, most people were leaving stories and memories of the officer who had died. Then there are a few of the inconsiderate people out there who have to voice their opinion about the situation because they are right and enjoy their own voice.

You'll see a barrage of people, who are trying to mourne the loss of a friend and loved one getting angry and defensive because of this person.

I'll summarize what they wrote: "This officer wasn't on duty, he didn't die for his country or his service. Why is this news? This doesn't deserve the attention that its been gettings."

Who writes that kind of thing after someone has died. Are they that miserable that they need to try and fault something like this based on sheer nonsense. 

I still can't get over what they wrote, and its been a few hours since I've read that. I just don't get people.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Pure Wanderings

Music: Skinny Puppy - Sparkless

Did you ever have a moment in your day where it made you so incredibly angry and yet you have no idea why it even happened in the first place? 

Let me explain:

I have a friend, lets call them N, whom I have grown to admire and respect for their sure determination in life and how they manage to get everything done that they need to.  I have another "friend", whom I wouldn't call a friend any more for reasons that I will try to explain without sounding too pompus, lets call them F.
My wife at one point in time has been close to both of these people, N more recently and has developed more of a friendship than she's had with F. The problem started when F began to have her baby, which was around the same time that we were trying to have one. 

F got jealous that our doctor was more willing to help us in anyway she could without having to refer us to a specialist as the wait time in our area for a person who isn't pregnant is close to 2 years. This pissed of F to no end as they had been waiting 2 years for their appointment when they had gotten pregnant. That's the first part.
After the baby arrived things had almost come back to normal between them and they would frequently make plans to go somewhere together so that she could meet their new arrival. Weeks would go by, plans would be made, but at the last minute F would cancel saying something had come up. 

At the time, we were living about 6 houses away from where I worked. One of the days which F had cancelled on she had gone to work to show off the baby like all new mothers do, and mentioned that she would go see my wife on her way home. She never did show up. Over the next severval months F would frequently visit the office and never stop by to say hello to me, maybe F felt guilty about cancelling plans on my wife? Probably not, F is too selfious for that. 

Lets bring this back to the current issue at hand. N is getting married soon, and in light of the new friendship has designated my wife as her honorary maid of honour, since she's not having one and we had a wedding exactly like the one that she wants. 

Yesterday, it turns out that F had almost invited herself to go along wedding dress shopping. With the line, "Amanda knows me."

Who invites themselves along to something like that after knowing them for only 3 days? 

Should I tell N about this, and say that they're not really friends? Should I keep it a secret and just stew on it? I don't want to mention anything and ruin what I have already established with N. 

**My personal issue with F is that I was to go into business with Mr. F, but it turns out that he wasn't interested in sharing any of the work with me, just on using and licensing the software I was building to make his life easier. F*ck that.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Music: Caustic - The Bible, The Bottle, The Bomb (Beta Virus Mix)

I'm sucking at this again. I think I need a job where I can play more freely on the internet without fear that IT isn't tracking every keystroke that I make. Thats a story for another day when I'm not typing on my computer at work. (IT rocks!) [kiss ass.]
I would like to appologize for not updating and for not commenting but it seems to be one of those trends thats going around. If find that over time, 90% of the blogs that I start reading go into a sort of hiatus and people seem to fall of the face of the planet. I'm down to 2 blogs that update on a regular basis and I read each of those everyday in my feed reader. 
Today marks the 2nd morning in our new house. We actually moved in 4 days ahead of schedule because of an unexpected visit from some family with a truck and trailer. They didn't have much to move other than the furniture as we put 200km on the car carting stuff back and forth from the apartment to the house. 

Its so nice to wake up in a place that you can finally call your own, its a really great feeling that I don't think I will ever get tired of. The best part about all of this is that we can start buying things for the house and start a life of our own without having to pay some skeezy guy money to live in a rat hole. (Though our last place really wasn't that bad.)

We've already gotten a new shower head, a new light fixture for the kitchen, switched all of the lights to energy efficient ones (there's a panel of 6 lights in the bathroom above the mirror, its the equivilent of 480 Watts of light but only uses 100W).

We even manged to have our first pet incident. In the 2nd bedroom closet there is a panel missing by some of the pipes but was covered over with a piece of plywood that didn't quite cover the hole. The new hold is about 4 feet up in the air. We had some totes in the closet which proved to be the right height for her. Needless to say she jumped down into the hole to see what was around, the hole has piping that runs from the hotwater tank, through the bathroom to the kitchen. We found her at the other end of the house by the hotwater tank. Cats are just crazy.