Monday, March 31, 2008

Miss you

I miss writing here.

I should keep up with this.... (as I finish typing and log out)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spamming myself

Music: Funkstörung - B4 || the silk demise - Dead-Letter Queue

At work I have these great little mail filters that sort my incoming mail and place it in the proper spots. So, of Jim from Company X emails me about something it will automatically get sorted into the right spot. Which is great for me, especially where I'm lazy some of the time. (Read: most of the time.)

There are also important server messages that I'm sent regarding the status of some of the hosted sites here at work. If the server goes down, I know about it in 5 minutes or less. On the weekend I don't check my work email all that regularly so getting the notices from Saturday morning on Monday doesn't look too well for me.

I changed the filter on my computer to forward these emails from my work to my personal email at home. Since I'm tied to that like glue, I'd be quicker to get the email and fix the problem.

In theory, this worked great.

I also changed my mail settings to automatically include my work email as a BCC so that I could keep a copy of what I send with the original email. Can you see the problem yet?

An email from about the server came in, and then disappeared from my inbox and went to my personal email. Great.

Problem: Remember that BCC that I said I had added to all out going email?

Well, I got the email from the server again, and it was immediatly forwarded. Which I got again, and forwarded. Within the span of about 90 seconds I had spammed my personal email about 117 times.

Made me laugh all day.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Guess what I bought....

music: Slick Idiot - Let it Rain (Remixed by B-Audio)

So, today, I have officially ordered cool shit online. No, I didn't order any of the cool geeky stuff I posted back in December. I bought music, actually, offically bought music.

I read today that Nine Inch Nails recently (Saturday) released a new set of albums of instrumental music online, they made the first one available via thePirateBay to download for free. Whats the catch? There are 36 songs in total, which can be bought all together for a total of $5 from their website. I'm waiting for my confirmation email now so that I can download the tracks tonight.

I think this is how music should be made and distrubuted. Who buys CDs anymore? Really the only point to them is to have the artwork and lyrics, which are typically all available online anyways.

Go, buy the album, download album, let the record companies know that we can actually function without them.