Monday, February 7, 2011

Blown gasket

So, I've just gotten off the telephone with the National Student Loan center to talk to them about re-applying for Repayment Assistance. With a baby coming along the way in a few months paying what we are supposed to be paying for our student loans is a little excessive and ridiculous.

Lets put it in perspective with some numbers. I currently have $65K + in my own student loans. Thats not including what my wife has in her own loans from her schooling.

If you've ever applied for the RA from the national student loan center you know that they ask you about your 'gross' income. I've never understood why they'd waste my time in asking about this. On each of my paychecks there is a difference between net and gross which almost cuts my pay in half of what the 'gross' is.

So, for the next few months we're supposed to pay the full amount for our SL, save for a baby AND pay our monthly bills? Are they stupid? Do they expect me to pull magic money out of my ass for this?

I've never understood the point of these loans, sure they helped me get an education but they're punishing me for trying to further myself along by gaining an education and some work experience before starting a family.

Frankly, I'd almost wish I'd stayed at home to become a fisherman if I had of known that I would have been faced with this bullshit.

Why would they base such an important decision on fictitious money? It never really made sense to me in all honesty.
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