Monday, February 11, 2008

Morning of nothingness...

Music: Out of your Mouth - I'm Ugly & KMFDM - A Drug Against War

Whats been going on lately around here, apparently so much stuff has gone on that I don't have time to do anything any more. Which is a total crock of crap but I'm use to lying to myself about these things.

I spent part of the morning in a meeting learning about software that I'm supposed to be teaching in the coming months. Not only did it make little to no sense but the person who wrote it didn't explain the purpose of the software and the things that I'll need to know. The morning was spent learning what happens when I click a button that says "Add Group". (I could have figured that out on my own.)

To make matters worse, I have to spend the better part of this afternoon dealing with a project that was thrust upon me when I returned to work. The bulk of which will be the software that I spend time learning this morning. Oh yeah baby, hear me screaming.

The weekend was pretty great, spent the better part of Saturday in my wife's hometown hanging out with her mom and Step dad. We also got to see friends of ours who are getting married the end of March to discuss their wedding photos. Did I mention that I agreed to be their photographer? Probably not, but its good reason to buy a new camera. Now, if only I could find some cash to do that.

Apart from that I spent a good portion of time playing fetch with our new kitten. He did it for like an hour the other night, I'd throw it to make him go away and stop chewing on my toes, then he'd bring it back. The cycle continued until I got fed up and let him chew on my toes.

The only sour note of the weekend was that my wife spent the better part of Friday poking her finger to determine if it was broken or not. There was an accident in the office which caused her to fall on her chair, which then fell on her hand severely bruising her ring finger.

She tells the story a little different, when she tells it there's some tilting, laughter, falling, yelling and blame being directed at me. (Which I wouldn't deny as it was kind of funny.)

She's doing much better now though, which is good because I'd hate to be responsible for her having a hooked finger, though it would be good for scaring children later in life.

Friday, February 1, 2008